Julien’s Birth Julien was born 12:51 am Saturday Morning…..There were some complications……he was not getting enough oxygen through the umbilical cord  ,

Julien’s update 7/19 Thank you so much for checking up on us. Your prayers and concern mean the world to us. Today

Julien’s Update 7/21 Today Julien had the rest of his hearing test and everything appears to be totally normal. They do want

Julien’s Update 7/22 Today was a little rough for poor Julien. He got circumcised this morning. He handled it well and they

Julien’s Update 7/23 We received a very nice surprise this morning that he was ready to go home tonight. We have spent

Julien’s Update 8/1 Julien has been doing extremely well since he has been home for a week. He has kept us very

Julien’s Update 8/14 Thank you for your patience on waiting for another update as this week has been very busy for us.

Julien’s EEG Take 2! (8/20) Hi there, today Ken and I brought Julien to his neurologist’s office for a repeat EEG. He

Julien Update (9/4/2018) Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s already September! It seems like only yesterday that our sweet boy was born

Add Your Heading Text Here Hi everyone, After an arduous 2 week wait, we received Julien’s 24-hour EEG results….unfortunately they were abnormal

Julien Update (9/22/2018) Hi everyone, After an arduous 2 week wait, we received Julien’s 24-hour EEG results….unfortunately they were abnormal again. At

Julien Update (9/24/2018) Our journey in Mexico has begun! We are so proud of our sweet baby…….he literally slept all the way

Julien Update-Day 2 (9/25/2018) Day 2 Hi everyone, Today marks a very important milestone— the 3rd day in a row that our

Julien Update-Day 3 (9/26/2018) Hi Everyone! Julien here. Thank you so much for all your messages, calls and support! I have felt

Julien Update- Day 4 (9/27/2018) Hi everyone! Our little superman did such a great job today during his procedure. Of course he

Julien Update- Day 5 (9/28/2018) Hello friends! We spent the day at the apartment so that Julien can rest and lay “flat.”

Julien Update- Day 6 (9/29/2018) Buckner’s here, We are happy to report that Julien has been doing so well “post-procedure” that Dr.

Julien Update- Day 8 (10/1/2018) Hello! We got home late last night and spent most of it trying to unpack, doing laundry,

Julien Update-(10/7/2018) Hi everyone! Today marks 1-week since we returned from Julien’s stem cell procedure in Mexico and we have had a

Julien Update (10/20/18) Hi friends! Julien here. Can you believe I just turned 3 months old on October 14th?? It feels like

Julien’s post 10/31/2018 Hi everyone! I have missed you since my last post! I have been keeping mommy and daddy very busy

Julien Update ( 11/10/2018 ) Hi friends! I have been very busy lately (what else is new, right??). I am growing up

Our little turkey 🙂 Hi friends! Sorry for the delay….I have been busy demanding and accepting extra cuddles now that it’s getting

Happy Christmas Eve Greetings friends! I hope you have been enjoying the holiday season. A lot has happened since my last post……First

I’m on The Move! Hi everyone! This whole “holiday” thing was so cool! I think my favorite part was watching daddy decorate

Work’n on my skilzzzz! Hi Friends!It’s been a while. Sorry for the delay….I’ve been VERY busy recovering from the holidays and working

Boy do I have a lot to catch you up on! Hi friends! Boy do I have a lot to catch you

Julien Miracle Baby ( No, I didn’t forget about you! ) Hi friends! Julien here. No, I didn’t forget about you! I

Baby BOUNCE Julien here…..what a wild month this has been!! I can’t believe I am already 10 months old. I’m not really

Well….we did it! Hi Friends! I did it! I made it though my first year of baby-hood and I am OFFICIALLY a

Ken left the hospital to run home and grab some things and my midwife, nurse and doctor stepped out of the room.