Julien’s EEG Take 2! (8/20)

Hi there, today Ken and I brought Julien to his neurologist’s office for a repeat EEG. He had a 1-hour EEG a week ago and it came back slightly “abnormal.” They saw some “spikes” on the left side of his brain and wanted to do a longer study to gather more information. Today was a long day—we arrived at the office at 7:45 am so you can do the math on how early we had to get up in order to take care of our dog and get a newborn out of the house on a busy traffic day (wine please!). We arrived and the nurse promptly started putting the wires on Julien’s head. He was such a good boy—he didn’t even flinch. She finished up by wrapping gauze all around his head and all of the wires that attached to the machine so that nothing would move. They wanted to monitor him via video camera in the office for 8 hours and then we had to bring him home with all the equipment attached to him for additional overnight monitoring. Ken and I sat in that tiny room and stared at him all day like some kind of circus animal—all while looking at the monitor and trying to determine what all the brain wave activity meant. He slept soundly for about 6.5 hours and then was wide awake towards the end. The nurse re-wrapped his little head and secured the wires back down to set us up for success at home tonight. He is allowed to eat and do “baby business as usual” (tummy time, etc). She sent us home with a baby wrapped in gauze, a long cord wrapped in gauze and a black purse with a monitoring device inside. Our only job for tonight is to keep an eye on him, keep the wires attached and pray that our pekingese/chihuahua mix doesn’t pounce on him and disconnect anything (easier said than done). He is currently sleeping in his rock and play and plotting his next big poop 🙂 We disconnect the equipment tomorrow am, return it to the neurologist and await a call in 5 days with the results. We are praying for a positive outcome…we are ready for some good news after all of this. We told Julien how loved he is and how many of you have provided support in the form of prayers, donations and well-wishes. He smiled when we told him…..or maybe that was just gas 🙂


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