Julien's Update 8/1

Julien has been doing extremely well since he has been home for a week. He has kept us very busy with multiple doctors appointments… I think he has more appointments than the president. Tomorrow he has a repeat hearing test and we go down to children’s healthcare of Atlanta every week for them to draw blood to check his calcium, liver, etc. levels. We will need to continue doing that for another couple of weeks and August 8 he goes back to see his neurologist. We will be talking to him about when a safe time will be to wean him off his seizure medication. Patricia’s parents were watching our dog the entire time we were in the hospital and for a period of time afterwards. They brought him back a few days ago and him and the baby are doing great together. Julien has had a bit of colic at night from constipation and gas… Most likely from the phenobarbital medication that he is on. Besides that, he is extremely comfortable at home and is adjusting very well. We will also be scheduling him for some occupational and physical therapy appointments so they can continue working with him now that he is out of the hospital. Patricia and I have barely gotten any sleep which is clearly normal during this time 😩and we appreciate all the prayers, cards and food that our family and friends have provided to help us during this difficult time.


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