Julien was born 12:51 am Saturday Morning…..There were some complications……he was not getting enough oxygen through the umbilical cord  , which cause lack of oxygen to his brain. They had to do an emergency C section. He is on a 72 hour watch. He will have stay at the hospital for 2 weeks.They are looking for possible seizures or brain injury . He will get a MRI on Tuesday. They have the best team working on him 24/7. Patricia is doing well and resting 😴. Please pray for Julien for a speedy recovery and  hope he does not have any possible brain damage. Of course I will not be in the office next week.

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  1. Narvaez L. Stinson on October 22, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    Hey Ken, I’m still praying for you, your wife, and little Julien. I thank God for the progress Julien has made and I’m sure he will be rolling around soon, then crawling into things, and suddenly you all will see him pull himself up and begin walking. He’s right, he has many places to go and great things to do and accomplish!

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