Julien Update-Day 2 (9/25/2018)

Day 2

Hi everyone, Today marks a very important milestone— the 3rd day in a row that our baby slept through the night!!!! I think he likes it here in Mexico:) Today also marks another important event….day 2 of 3 of the G-CSF shots that are stimulating his bone marrow cell production. We went into the hospital yesterday to meet with Dr. Mancias and today, Dr. Lleana came to our apartment to administer his shot here. He was in a deep sleep when she arrived and he only made a tiny “squeal” when she injected the medication and then immediately fell back to sleep. These shots go into the fatty part of his thigh so the discomfort is minimal. He hasn’t had any side effects or agitation over the past 2 days which is fantastic. Dr. Lleana will be coming back to the apartment tomorrow to administer his last shot. The whole process thus far has been fantastic and has made us feel extremely comfortable. The staff here is “top notch” and extremely professional. We are mentally preparing ourselves for Thursday which will prove to be the most difficult part of the process since he has to be put under anesthesia that day. Thankfully we have a fantastic support system back at home between family and friends. We have also become close with another family that underwent this treatment for their son (who’s name is also Julian….just spelled with an “a”) and his mom has provided us with a TREMENDOUS” amount of love and support.

Our drivers took us around briefly today and showed us a few parts of Monterrey. On the way back to the apartment, they dropped Ken off at H.E.B. Mart to grab a few groceries while I stayed in the van with Julien. H.E.B Mart is basically like a supersized Walmart where you can purchase an orange, a shovel and a new grill all in 1 place…LOL. We end up stopping there every day to grab something which I don’t mind since there is a Starbucks in the parking lot and mama needs an iced matcha latte DAILY to get through all of this. Maybe Dr. Mancias can start a matcha IV drip for me? 🙂

Lastly, we had an electronica dance party in the apartment this evening with Julien because all of us needed to blow off some steam and alleviate some of the cabin fever (we are at the apartment most of the time each day). I have known a lot of nutty parents who are totally obsessed with their kids and EVERYTHING that they do. They are the parents who talk with the high pitched “baby talk” voice and regress 20 years in maturity in the presence of their babies. Today marks the official day when Ken and I turned into THOSE people. We had a good laugh about it and agreed that we have now evolved into new versions of our nutty selves. We have decided to embrace our new “corn flake” side of ourselves. This side first came out while I was watching facebook videos of baby goats hopping around in pajamas like little gazelles….then it continued when I learned that “micro-pigs” existed and I would squeal with excitement while watching one run around someone’s house as a pet. This lunacy has now transposed itself onto our baby and now I squeal from excitement when he meets a milestone or gives me a huge toothless smile:)

More updates to come tomorrow. Wish us luck on another full night of sleep!!!

Kenneth, Patricia and Julien

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