I'm on The Move!

Hi everyone!

This whole “holiday” thing was so cool! I think my favorite part was watching daddy decorate the outside of the house and put projection screens in the windows so that it looked like Santa was creeping around inside our house. Speaking of Santa, I’m not sure how I feel about that fellow. Mommy and daddy took me to a Santa at the mall and he snatched me up, put me on his lap, didn’t look at me and then handed me back off to mommy. I was less than amused by his lack of charisma and apparently mommy was too, so she did some research on other Santa’s around Atlanta. She learned that the “Phipps Plaza” Santa is basically the prized jewel of Georgia and you have to book your appointment to see him in JULY. Yep. 6 months in advance. Well, mommy emailed “sacred Santa’s booking elf” and they happened to have a cancellation the next day and were able to squeeze me in! I was so excited and mommy picked out the perfect “TAKE 2” outfit for me. My grandpa came along to help and I wouldn’t say it was my best performance. I kicked my “cute” socks off while walking through the mall. When mommy noticed, she put on some backup booties with little white poofy things on them. I strategically waited until we got to the very front of the line before kicking them off, sending them flying in different directions like little rocket launchers. A nice lady carried me over to Santa and mommy and grandpa stood off to the side. I looked at Santa for a minute and analyzed my next move. I was trying to decide whether I was going to spit up all over his perfect beard, pee on his fancy velvet pants or have a diaper blowout while he was holding me. Instead, I looked at him and started screaming at the top of my lungs. He kept saying something…..I think he was telling me the story of Christmas but I couldn’t hear him through my own shrieks and snotty nose. They asked mommy to sit next to Santa and hold me to see if that helped and it didn’t. My master plan worked. I was determined to avoid this Santa guy at all costs. Mommy wasn’t happy since she paid for video footage and pictures that turned out terrible but she laughed and said “she’ll get me back by showing the footage at my wedding.”

Once this “Santa Business” was over, I was able to officially enjoy my 1st Christmas. Mommy’s parents live close-by so they came over for dinner and we had a nice quiet time at home. I practiced rolling, sitting up and chewing on everything I could get my hands on. I got a cool activity table from my other grandma (daddy’s mom) and I love playing with it. I got some other fun toys and clothes but my favorite part was playing with the tissue paper. I could have done that all day! I overheard my family talking about how grateful they are that I am doing so well and that I am even doing better than any of the doctors ever imagined. I’m not sure what they were expecting but I’m glad that I exceeded their expectations.

I also got to celebrate “New Year’s” for the 1st time and I thought that was pretty fun…..except that I went to bed before the new year started…..that’s ok though. Maybe I can stay up later next year:) Up until this point I have stayed in 1 place and “plopped” in bouncy chairs here and there. I decided that I want to get moving (literally) and I learned how to army crawl on the floor so that I can move around. Everybody was amazed since I’m not even 6 months old yet…..but I decided I was bored and wanted to change up my view of the world a bit. Check out the video that mommy took of me…..the red ball is my favorite toy and I moved like lightning to go get it!

Look out world……I’m ON THE MOVE!

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