Julien here…..what a wild month this has been!! I can’t believe I am already 10 months old. I’m not really sure what that means but it sounds like a lot!

Highlights from May:

The month of May has been a productive one and I have hit some new milestones (yay!).

1. First and foremost, the long awaited “Dada” now made it to my lips. Every time I say it, daddy lights up and looks SO happy. All of his hard work getting me to say this has finally paid off. SUCESS!

2. I have also started clapping and boy is that fun. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m even clapping about but it doesn’t matter because I’m learning that my hands can make fun little noises.

3. I’ve been a CRUISING machine! I have been taking steps side to side and exploring my environment even more! My physical therapist (Sara) had been worried about my feet for a while because I was up on my toes most of the time that I would pull to stand and my toes would curl under and towards the inside of each of my feet. The directive was that I needed to correct my feet ASAP or else I would need to get casted for braces…..which Sara did not want to do. Apparently braces can correct 1 problem but they limit the range of motion and therefore they can create a lack of mobility in the ankles that would then need to be corrected as well. Mommy went on a wild goose chase to find size 3 shoes so that they could help me flatten out my feet….she even had custom laces put in and extra holes punched….only for me to pull them off every time she put them on me…LOL. The bottom line is that my feet are now flat most of the time and Sara thinks my feet will be ok without the help of braces! Hasn’t everyone learned by now that I plan on overcoming every obstacle in my way??? Silly adults.

4. I now have 3 teeth and #4 is close to making it’s arrival. I’m still nursing…needless to say these new little daggers in my mouth are terrifying mommy.

5. I’ve started dancing….not like baby “bops”…, LEGIT dancing! Check out the video in this post…..pretty smooth, eh, ladies? Mommy is a dancer so I may have learned a thing or 2 from her….and daddy dances a lot around the house too. Every time I hear a beat kick in, I start bouncing and my little shoulders just start moving on their own:)

6. Finally, this was mommy’s first “Mother’s Day.” She was very teary eyed in the beginning of the day. She kept looking at my face….for a minute I thought I had some leftover banana stuck to it. She kept kissing me and telling me how happy she was that I am here and that I am doing so well. She said that I am the strongest little human she knows and that I have made her the happiest mommy in the world with my giggles, snorts and coo’s. I love her too….I think I picked the right mama!!

That’s it for now…..It’s getting hot down here in HOTLANTA. I may need to put some ice cubes in my milk and splash around in a pool soon!Julien OUT 🙂



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