Julien Update (9/22/2018)

Hi everyone,

After an arduous 2 week wait, we received Julien’s 24-hour EEG results….unfortunately they were abnormal again.

At this point, his neurologist wants to do a repeat EEG in October after we return from doing the stem cell therapy in Mexico. If his results come back normal, they will begin the process of weaning him off his anti-seizure medication. If they come back abnormal again, they will change him to a different seizure medication since they don’t like keeping babies on phenobarbital for long. His hamstrings are still extremely tight and he keeps his hands in tight fists. The neurologist and physical therapist are keeping a close eye on this and we have some exercises that can help. Overall, we are praying that the stem cell procedure will help alleviate some of this.

On a positive note, Julien just turned two months old and we have been on the receiving end of some super cute little smiles;) he has become much more alert and aware of his surroundings… Not to mention that he follows us with his eyes and seems to know his name now!

Stay tuned:)

Ken & Patricia, and Julien


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