Happy Christmas Eve

Greetings friends!

I hope you have been enjoying the holiday season. A lot has happened since my last post……First and foremost, I turned 5 months old on Dec 14th! Can you believe it?? I did some reflecting today on my short time on this earth and I am overwhelmed with all the love and support we have received these past 5 months. I know it has especially meant the world to mommy and daddy who have been on a non-stop journey of healing for me. It was kind of cute, the other day mommy looked me in the eyes and started crying. She told me how much I mean to her and daddy and how eternally grateful she is that I am alive and have made it this far. My days pretty much consist of pooping, crying and farting but her and daddy have spent most of their days behind the scenes making sure I have everything I need to thrive. While mommy was talking to me, she paused and took a deep breath. It’s like they have been on a roller coaster for the last 5 months and haven’t slowed down to enjoy the ride. Mommy had a peaceful look on her face today. I think she is finally settling into the fact that I am doing way better than any of the doctors ever expected and maybe now her and daddy can enjoy the “normal” baby stuff rather than being in panic mode.On another note, my physical therapy is going well and Miss Sara is amazing. She comes to my house every week and she is very impressed with how well I am doing. I have been fitted for a “thumb splint” for my left hand since I like to keep that thumb tucked in and I am also getting 2 splints for my legs to help keep them a bit straighter. I have a tendancy to only want to roll over on 1 side so Miss Sara wants mommy and daddy to roll me onto the opposite side 100 times per day!! My will to succeed is as strong as my parents will to heal me so I know I can do it!! I would say that I am a very determined little boy….I am already trying to crawl, I know my own name and I even try to give pre-Christmas kisses to my doggie, Miso (see the video that mommy took!).

Talk to you again soon!

One Thought on Happy Christmas Eve
    Mary Wright
    4 Jan 2019

    Good afternoon Julien! I just love seeing the progress you are making and the video’s Mommy and Daddy post of you, especially the one of you giving your puppy dog kisses. I can tell you are such a determined little angel and with the help of your Mommy, Daddy and Miss Sara you will continue to learn to do new things. Love is such a powerful emotion along with the power of prayer and God’s help, so you are totally in good hands. I know that you want to learn new things so when you see your Grandma Jane you can show her just what a strong little boy you are. Looking forward to seeing your next post and seeing your progress. Stay happy Lil Julien, and with Mommy and Daddy by your side you there is no limit as to what you can do.


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