Julien Update-(10/7/2018)

Hi everyone!

Today marks 1-week since we returned from Julien’s stem cell procedure in Mexico and we have had a great week back! This morning, Ken and I took my parents out to brunch for their 40th wedding anniversary at the 57th Fighter Restaurant in Atlanta, Ga. Here, you can enjoy an amazing brunch while watching planes take off from the private airport nestled next door. It’s always a toss up on whether taking a baby out in public will be a good or bad experience for all involved and its funny watching the expression on the faces of the other patrons when you sit down with a baby right near their table. Fortunately, Julien makes us proud every time. Today he was either sleeping or he was busy working the room and winning over the wait staff. Eat that baby haters at table 2.

On another note, thank you to everyone who has reached out and asked how Julien is doing and whether the procedure “worked.” There’s no way to fully answer that question right now but what I can tell you is that he had a great session with his physical therapist this week and she said that his muscle “tone” is better than it was. You see, for brain injuries, “tone” is a big problem. Prior to the stem cell procedure, Julien had very “tight tone.” His legs were  bent a lot at the knee and his fists were always SUPER tight and it was hard to open them. Our PT appointment was 6 days after the procedure and he already was starting to open and close his hands and his tone in his legs was MUCH better. When his physical therapist extended his leg to see how much extension he had, she was very impressed and said it has improved by 50% ! We have also noticed that he is more alert than before and is starting to grab for things (my earrings, clothing, etc). We may never know what milestones are being met as a result of the stem cells vs what he would have done anyway…and we are totally fine with that. We have come to a place of accepting the unknown and facing any challenges as they come, one at a time. All I know is that we have an adorable, 12.5 lb little turkey that never sleeps and steals our hearts away every day with his gummy little smile:)

Kenneth, Patricia & Julien

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    Page McAleese
    7 Oct 2018

    Wow! A 50% improvement in leg extension only 6 days after the procedure – sounds pretty miraculous to me 😃 That is wonderful news!


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