Julien's Update 7/22

Today was a little rough for poor Julien. He got circumcised this morning. He handled it well and they gave him some Tylenol to ease any discomfort. They have been carefully watching how he eats which is the main precursor for when he can go home. They watch for his ability to suck on a bottle while still being able to take breaths and pause when he needs to. He is getting a little better with it but it is a little tough for him since he started out his first five days on a feeding tube. He had a really good session with the occupational therapist and she showed us different stretches to do with him to keep him loose and limber since he was on a cooling pad for 72 hours and has been in NICU For eight days. Today was his original due date. The next step will be for him to do a car seat test where they sit him in his car seat For 90 minutes. They will measure his oxygen levels and make sure that he is able to be tilted in a car seat for a prolonged period of time without dropping any of his oxygen levels. They do this since he has been laying flat for most of the time and it is a test they do on all NICU babies. More updates to come tomorrow 🙂 thank you for all the love and support.


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