Julien's update 7/19

Thank you so much for checking up on us. Your prayers and concern mean the world to us. Today was a very busy day . The neurologist said there was “moderate” damage all over the white matter of the brain according to the MRI. Multiple doctors are coming in to run different types of tests for his hearing, motor skills etc. Part of his hearing test was done today and so far everything appears to be normal. They tested his brain waves as a result of a stimulus in the ear. The neurologist came in and he said there was moderate damage but it is not the worst set of results that he has seen. He said the fact that he had a very good looking EEG was very promising even though the MRI showed some signs of injury. He said that he could make it through this perfectly fine but only time will tell. A lot of this will be trial and error to see how he does with lots of different milestones and he said we will have a lot of the information that we need to know regarding any potential damage within the next 3 to 6 months. He said that he was optimistic and has seen babies with this amount of damage do just fine. We keep trying to figure out what could have caused this and the doctor said we may never know. One possibility is that he may have grabbed onto his umbilical cord and compressed it (He has a habit of grabbing at his lines and trying to pull them out). Another piece of good news is that he graduated from the ICU unit on the second floor to the transitional unit on the seventh floor… That is where they start working on feeding skills etc. It is the last step before he goes home and he will likely be able to go home and 1 to 2 weeks. He appears to be taking charge of his own treatment because right before we left a few minutes ago he decided to pull his feeding tube out of his nose😜

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