Our little turkey 🙂

Hi friends!

Sorry for the delay….I have been busy demanding and accepting extra cuddles now that it’s getting cold outside. This baby is NOT a fan of the cold! I spent 9 months in a warm cozy oven and then when I was born it was hot outside so this whole rainy/cold thing is definitely not for me. In any event, this was my 1st Thanksgiving and Whoa!!!! I totally get what all the fuss is all about. I haven’t started solid foods yet but ……man, Daddy’s turkey smelled GOOD!!! He brined it and everyone was talking about how amazing it was. Maybe next year I’ll have some teeth and I can partake in all the festivities. Mommy was taking some pictures of me in my Thanksgiving outfit and she paused to look at me. She had tears in her eyes and told me how “strong” I am and how grateful her and daddy were that I am alive and here with them. I guess I didn’t realize what a close call all of this was….and how close I was to not making it at all. Mommy kept kissing me on my face and telling me how happy she is that I am here … and the feeling is mutual. I feel SO lucky that mommy followed her intuition and went to the hospital when she realized something was wrong. I was tired of “baking in there” and I thought if I grabbed onto my umbilical cord, it would act like an escape hatch……apparently not. Maybe I should leave stunts like that to Indiana Jones in the future. I feel lucky to have picked the parents that I have….parents that continue to find alternative therapies to help me and parents who will continue to fight for my health and future greatness. Parents who smile with tears in their eyes every time they look at me and love and accept me for who I am now and who I will become in the future.

In other news, mommy and daddy continue to do hyperbaric oxygen treatments for me but instead of doing them at the clinic we now do them at home each day in my very own CHAMBER! Mr. Bill Schindler at Hyperbaric PHP set us up with a chamber at home and it seems to be working out better now that there is less time spent driving back and forth and the cost will pay for itself in the long run. I really miss seeing everyone at the clinic so I’m sure I’ll continue to stop by to say hello so that they can see all my progress:)

Til Next Time!

Julien Buckner


2 Thoughts on Our little turkey 🙂
    2 Dec 2018

    💕 So beautifully written. I’m so excited and happy that Julien is doing better and I know he will continue to fight the fight especially because he has an amazing team (mommy and daddy) fighting right alongside him. God Bless you both and Mr Julien. We’ll continue to pray for you and Julien and ask God to continue to wrap his arms around you all and continue to heal Julien everyday. Looking forward to many many many more beautiful updates on this lil guy. Love you guys!! 💕

    3 Dec 2018

    Glad to see Julien is doing well!


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